DBR (Lafite) d’Aussieres Selection Chardonnay 750ML

DBR (Lafite) d’Aussieres Selection Chardonnay 750ML


Chardonnay 100%

In the Languedoc, after a mild winter and a cool spring, temperatures reached a general regional heat peak at the end of June, which was followed by a hot summer. Luckily, Aussières was spared the drought and the heat wave thanks to its ally the wind; and more particularly that of the South-East

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Bright, very pale yellow color tinged with green. Good range of aroma on the nose, with delicate notes of juicy
white fruit and vine peaches. Ethereal balance on the palate, initially very lively the wine then develops
volume. The finish is rich and lingers with intense notes of tropical fruit (mango and pineapple), underscored
by a pleasant minerality.


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